HANDSOME GUYS, PRIVATE EYES - 1 hour detective series.  Coming soon!!

Welcome to the HANDSOME GUYS, PRIVATE EYES detective agency.  And welcome to this new, sexy and exciting mystery series.


CARTER (David Chokachi) is the head of the agency and unfortunately does live up to the cliche of the not-too-quick goodlooking guy. His detective skills are not at all up to par, but gosh, we love him for trying so hard to be better. However, Carter, in his effort to be looked upon more seriously, has taken to underhanded means to solve his cases and keep his agency afloat. And those debts are about to become due.

He is the one who makes us smile and has us rooting for him all the way.

RONAN is the other detective in the agency, who is going through a bad divorce - and not for the reasons you might expect. He is really the brains of the outfit and although he enjoys the attention, he never uses his looks to get ahead in life.

He is the one we take very seriously.

And PATRICK (Adam Gregory) is their legal partner, someone who is questioning if he is truly deserving of what he has achieved, or wonders if his looks have let him float thru life more easily than others. Especially when he is challenged by Jaclyn - a hot District Attorney who forces him to look much deeper than he ever has before.

He is the one with the moral dilemmas.
And then there is WALTER (Leslie Jordan) maybe not the most handsome guy compared to the partners.  But with his efficient personality and droll sense of humor, Walter is a gem.  He's the best assistant they've ever had, he’s totally in charge and keeps the office running like clockwork.

Everyone likes Walter.

And everyone will like this show as it has something that’s not seen very much in TV – an easily repeatable procedural with 3 strong leading men roles for 3 hot guys who can do action and light comedy. And yes, don’t forget the comedy. The show is meant to be fun & breezy, taking place in the beautiful and crazy coastal town of Venice, CA The guys will always be surrounded by quirky characters and the mysteries will keep you guessing, but also be easy to follow.

HANDSOME GUYS, PRIVATE EYES (by the way, they inherited that name with the agency and legally, they can’t change it – as they each will tell you in the pilot) is a procedural with minimal recurring storyline elements that will repeat well and is a great bet for syndication.

Overseas, the show will sell not only in its current format, but also for international licensing opportunities. Every country in the world has their three handsome guys.

So many procedurals these days are so heavy and dark, so it’s time to sit back, relax and have some fun again.